About me
Get to know me a bit better and I'm sure you will feel that you've found the right consultant, coach and a mentor.
Hi! I am Dillyara Dosmakova
I am an experienced, enthusiastic and a driven business person with a hunger and zest to explore and find diverse cost -effective and time efficient, value and wealth adding solutions, be it for my family members or people at large.

Those could be around personal life, professional relationships, change, mindset transformation, well-being, career growth, leadership or team management related matters.

I have kept learning, expanding and enhancing my business, leadership, people, selfcare and spiritual skills throughout my entire life to feed my soul's aspirations for personal and professional growth.

I aim to continue growing and evolving, as this who I am at the core.

However, PRIMARILY, I am a loyal friend, understanding and a supportive parent and a loving, young Granny!
Since my childhood, I have been very curious. I always wanted to explore new things and find some logic and rationale and some scientific proof to certain life events, peoples’ behaviors and thinking, human brain and human capabilities. It is since those early days of my life, I have been reached out by friends and school mates for some alternative, unbiased viewpoint and advice on:

A. how to best handle some problems in relationships with parents, friends, teachers

B. how to negotiate and tackle some disputes

C. how to boost academic results

D. how to achieve clarity when felt confused or discouraged.
Even those who were older than me used to ask for some advice, when they experienced some dilemma or confusion around priorities, relationships and implementation strategies
Fast forward to current days this still holds true, and my curious, exploratory mind brought me to where I am now in my life cycle.

Throughout my life, I have gone through various tough life situations, which put at risk and challenged my Life, Dignity, Professionalism, Health and Purpose. A weak person would have given up, but I've got only stronger, bolder, smarter, kinder, more compassionate and more resilient.

I think that, that was the way the Universe was testing, preparing and sharpening my people, business and self-care skills, so that I could consciously and lovingly give back to people and businesses by serving and by sharing all my life and business experience.
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